About us

About us

Our story

Working in home & contract design, dealing with the best italian factories.

I started my business in 2008 and now I can say that Dedalo become one of the best agency in Romania.

Now ‘’I’’ become ‘’we’’ and this is our force - the team!

The true sign of italian design

More than 10 years of experience

Together with the companies that Dedalo Agency represents, we can constantly guarantee Selection, Competence and Proximity, all of which is confirmed by our mark.

This is the strategy that has helped us today, after more than 10 years of experience, to proudly represent some of the best Italian companies of the world furniture market, both for their image and for their quality.

Our focus

Quality, image, good and right price!

The Italian philosophy is made up of innovative products, high quality, long duration, excellent functionality and attractive design.

Dedalo Focus remain - quality, image, good and right price!

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