We started out with just one chair in 1923. Today, with more than 800 catalogue products sold in 100 countries across the world, we can safely say that we made the right choice when we decided that Calligaris should be a company that keeps up with the times, perceiving the present with that sensitivity that allows for the most interesting and fruitful ideas to be transformed into furniture and decorative accessories ready to enter people’s homes and find their place, creating unique spaces that speak volumes about their occupants.

Distributed in 100 countries, Calligaris currently boasts more than 620 sales points and 3 flagship stores worldwide.


Connubia is the line dedicated to the “essentials” of the Calligaris:
tables and chairs, brought to the highest level of depth of range. The name comes from the Latin “conubium” (marriage, bond). It expresses the natural bond between the products and the company and their blending in an original and unique cohesion.


40 years. Art becomes history

Each product tells the story of 40 years of history, tied to artisan upholstery tradition, created by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto. Their workshop became an increasingly tight ship and, in response to demand for a customised product, it grew into an important manufacturing company. In addition to its business acumen, Ditre Italia confirms, year on year, its aptitude for detail and its artisan skill that make its collections stand out. The story of our past is what distinguishes our today.


The furniture company Sangiacomo was born in 1968 in Brugnera, in the province of Pordenone, in 1971 moved to its current Cecchini di Pasiano, in 1987 acquired the Meson’s kitchens, historical brand founded in 1963. 

The continuous attention to the development of markets, the careful research of quality aesthetic and functional, the careful selection of materials always give an added value to the products Sangiacomo able to differentiate themselves from the competition. Sangiacomo is a company that produces programs of modular furniture modern designfor day and night identified by a coherence, formal result of careful research and functional, aesthetics combined in a research in the materials and used in their work in order to get the best possible quality / price ratio.


Slamp devotes itself to decorative design lamps, capturing the most current trends, drawing on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforming them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile.

This is thanks to the use of a new generation of materials and special manual assembly of parts that, once put together, give life to a luxurious, figurative panorama.

Mobili Avenanti

Seven generations of craftspeople tell the story of our firm and their almost 150 years of love for wood and quality. A true passion for things beautiful and authenticity has marked our past, still bears its signs in our present and lays down the foundations for future generations.

Our furniture is fully designed, crafted and finished in Italy. We put special focus on communicating our culture and style through exclusive creations solely made from Italian timber. Quality is not only synonymous with prestige and long life. Quality is fully embodied in our Italian products that make Avenanti a leader in classical and contract-made furniture worldwide.


Contractin is a specialist contract furniture manufacturer specialised in producing chairs and furniture to the contract market.

We are specialised in made to measure furniture.

Contractin provides customised packages including materials, tools and avant-garde working methods.


The Italian company Ethimo specialises in high-quality outdoor furnishings and décor, taking its inspiration from the warm, inviting colours of the Mediterranean and the charm of humble, authentic places: its contemporary design collections are made with comfort and practicality in mind and enhance any outdoor area to create sophisticated settings in which to relax and savour the true luxury of free time.

The decisions regarding the company’s production are guided by the selection of materials and the attention to detail, to create unique elements that add an elegant, personal touch to private gardens, exclusive country hotels and sophisticated resorts.

Il Fanale

The story of Il Fanale Group dates back to 1979 when Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey of passion and hard work. Starting from their decennial experience in working with traditional metals, they found the company with the intention and the will to produce unique and original lamps of the highest quality.

Dedication, determination and commitment are the qualities that make Il Fanale what it is today: a successful handicraft company working in the lighting industry, known in Italy and abroad.

At the base of what is now a company that represents the craftsmanship and Made in Italy in the world is the family: people, partners and employees with the same ideals driven by passion for work, dedication and an open dialogue with the company and with those who work there. The success of Il Fanale Group is due to the amount of resources that are part of the company.


Torremato was founded in 2011 and is a brand within Il Fanale Group, a company that has been manufacturing light fixtures since 1979. Torremato is an acronym that combines the cofounder’s names Dalla Torre Marzia and Tomas, who are also siblings. “The experience we achieved working in the family company il Fanale and our passion to introduce new design ideas, led us to imagine a creative path for evocative, contemporary fixtures. This project was also made possible with the great support of designer Enzo Berti.”

“Desires come true” is our motto, which is the driving force for the development of our ‘out-the-box’ ideas to make designers’ dreams come true.
In 2014, Torremato was recognized worldwide as one of the most interesting design brands and was awarded the coveted “Compasso d’Oro” for Bitta (the most iconic product), thanks to the originality of its design in relationship with the outdoor environment.

Today, Torremato is most of all a gathering of young talents and is always open to discovering new ideas. Torremato’s collection showcases products with well-defined aesthetics and functional values, suitable for indoor and outdoor use for residential or contract projects.


A dynamic company with consolidated productive capabilities which operates in the field interior decoration. Its production comprises various types of seating for offices, communities and the home.

Celebrating comfort with design.
This is the company mission and the philosophy of every step of company production.

Kastel production lines, as a result of deep and authentic ergonomic research, offer the best functionality and a highly prestigious image, granted by a constantly evolving quality.

Kastel success is also the consequence of its staff professionalism.
Capacity to work in team shearing common values.

Alea Office

Alea is an Italian contract furniture manufacturing company established in 1973. We are a family owned + operated  business made up of several departments in one Global Headquarters in Sarone, Province of Pordenone, Northern Italy – one hour north of Venice. Our North American Headquarters is Miami, Florida USA since 2001.

We thrive on our manufacturing agility, we are set up for orders large or small nimble enough to produce + deliver complete and on time with perfection at every turn. Our ability to partner with sister companies makes volume orders a non-issue.

We have a truly global footprint, our products can be seen all over the world, with our own showrooms in Italy and NYC as well as dealer supported internationally. In more than 90 countries we have a presence.