Project management:

How we started

Our rich know-how in the Italian furniture area, our local contacts and the years of experience in the field naturally led to a new approach: offering project management services for luxurious bespoke private residences in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Republic of Moldova.

We cooperate closely with the architects and designers in order to transform their ideas into reality.

Our network of craftsmen, along with our passion for sheer beauty, leads to remarkable results.

Complex turnkey projects

We fully embark upon the process, from the first measurements. We then invite the beneficiaries and their designer/ architect in Italy, for a visit to the selected factories we find relevant for their project. We plan the production of each piece and together we choose every finish, shade and detail.

We create mood boards for each space and allow the designer to adjust their sketches on the spot, in order to obtain the perfectly tailored solution.

A visit usually lasts a few days, and the synergy created is sometimes unbelievable. We then place the orders and directly manage the production process, delivery and assembly, with the relevant Italian team qualified in the chosen brands’ products.

Through our extensive network of suppliers and craftsmen, we are able to supply all the elements required in a home design: from finishes, doors, sanitaryware, indoor and outdoor furniture to lightings and decorations.

Everything can be 100% bespoke through our network of experienced artisans, selected throughout the years from the most skilled in their field. It is our passion to involve them in the production of new custom products.

Our passion for detail

In high-end residences, the detail literally decides the design. Only 100% custom-made production, with finishes chosen from the same supplier and manufactured by the same hands, can offer a flawless unanimity to the final project.

Looking forward to experiencing the best of Italian design?

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